Expensive trade show giveaway strategy

expensive trade show giveaway strategy

You need to be absolutely sure that your information is very clear and professional. Organizers spend hundreds to thousands of how to use binary options dollars to have their logo pasted onto some cheaply-made knick knack. Make sure you factor them into your budget. The larger the event, the less likely it will be that someone remembers you. I get bags full of pens at conferences, but rarely do these ever incline me to deal with that company ever again.

Trade Show Booths: 100 Best Ideas for 2019

Some ideas for smaller exhibition stand spaces include: Pop ups these are usually cost-effective stand display formats that can be quickly assembled and even reused for future events. You want to stay front of mind and connect with your potential customers in different ways post-event. A digital screen such as an LED wall allows expensive trade show giveaway strategy you to make those changes without investing in new banners. Instead, stand out with a giveaway that supports a local business in the city where youre headquartered. This doesnt have to be a full experience like the above either. China's youth culture is still present for now, but demographics show that the society is aging.

Did Apple successfully develop a less expensive product for China or did it simply cede the bulk of the market to local competitors? If someone makes even a single repeat order make sure you include them as well. But what happens when Apple's mystique begins to fade in the eyes of consumers? Have a Lead Generation Plan, trade shows and face-to-face marketing events are often themed or industry-specific, making them the perfect place to gather qualified leads. Second, Apple might be good at everything, except competition. Trade shows contest and games will help you generate a buzz but that energy and excitement wont last forever. Attendees will be inclined to return to your trade show booth to find out if they won, giving you multiple opportunities to engage and educate. Good examples of integrating an immersive element into a stand space are a virtual reality experience, old school games like giant Connect Four or Jenga, or something silly like a bed where tired visitors can rest and hear a bedtime story about your brand. Think about how you can add humor or creativity to put a twist on the typical giveaway. Tips for Counting Contests Advise your staffers to use the counting game as an icebreaker when they approach passersby.

How To Use Trade Show Contests & Games To Drive Booth Traffic

Its not me, its you (you being China). Anyone who has attended or organized a conference or trade show can relate. Exhibiting is a big investment in both money and time. You dont need to go out and buy 20 Cross pens for every customer (If you sell very high-end products, this may not be a bad expensive trade show giveaway strategy idea though), but make sure you get something that your customer wants to use. One of the best ways to promote your tradeshow presence is to speak to the organisers about promotional opportunities. Here are four quick thoughts on the topic: First, be careful of exculpatory statements. Familiarize yourself with the rules of your game before the show to eliminate confusion and ambiguous judgments calls. Make your stand as welcoming as possible with comfortable seating, attractive displays and shelves for brochures. Hide away all of your personal items in a back area or behind the table, to keep things looking tidy and professional.

(Photo: VCG/VCG via Getty Images). What is interesting is creativity. We all have enough pens. Virtual golf games are increasing in popularity because they allow players to get the feel of a day out on the links without having to chase down errant balls. Encourage attendees to tag your company on social media. You want to provide the type of products that are better than what your customer is used to using.

expensive trade show giveaway strategy

Council Post: It's Time To Rethink Your Branded Giveaways

Tips for Contest and Game Budgeting: Prizes are the number-one reason an attendee participates in a trade show contest or game, and prizes cost money. When you purchase 20,000 crappy no-name pens that work once before running out of ink or clogging, it doesnt project your business in a positive manner. Be Altruistic, speaking of values, 90 percent of Americans, according to a 2015 study, say they are more likely to be loyal to companies that support a social cause. Chop-up your logo if you need to, but try to get a distinguishing business mark and your website on even the smallest product. In this post youll learn how to set up and sell on your tradeshow or exhibition booth and ways to ensure that your stand is the one people will remember most. This is a great way for an environmentally-friendly brand to communicate their passions, expensive trade show giveaway strategy standing out amongst a sea of metal, woods and other conventional exhibition stand textures. Why it works: You attend trade shows with the intention of doing business, so make sure you include somewhere to take meetings in your stand design.

Using greenery, whether faux or real, helps to bring a little expensive trade show giveaway strategy of the outside world inside. Check out our 24 Social Media Tips for Trade Show Exhibitors! Was this article worth your time? Tips for Golf Activities: Putting greens are an expensive but worthwhile activity, you can never go wrong with a putting green because it is the easiest and most simple golf activity to incorporate into your booth. 2D and 3D elements This exhibition stand design by 4D looks great, but also contains lots of 2D and 3D elements that make it more akin to a luxury store or day out. So why not use a conference or tradeshow to showcase how your company is making a difference? Unless you brand is very strong, non-targeted promotional product spam is only going to lose money for you.

If you sell something that requires upkeep or supplies, make sure you send out a sticker or magnet that has your information on it and that supplies can easily be reordered from you. Provide a staff briefing before the doors open make sure your on-booth stand staff know exactly whats expected of them. Arcade Games Classic arcade-style games like basketball toss, Skeeball and Air Hockey invoke a sense of youthful excursion and delight in adults and can attract tons of attendee traffic into your trade show booth. It feels more welcoming than a more modern stand design, and will increase footfall by expensive trade show giveaway strategy giving attendees a beautiful place to stop and breathe amidst the whirlwind of the show. If this defines your brand, might be time to refresh. There are a few key factors in making promotional products work. Tips for Lead Collecting and Follow Up: Attendees are weary of giving away their contact information, if possible, create an easy-to-win game and collect information from the winners. The more personalised the call to action is, the better.

expensive trade show giveaway strategy

15 Exhibition Stand Design Ideas and

Connect your contest to the theme of your trade show campaign or to your brands image. It is important for participants to have a good time, but more important that they remember your brand with a memorable giveaway after the show is over. Most pop up stands contain roller banners, cardboard display graphics and furniture which is easily removed. Instruct attendees to guess how many items are in the jar. 3, 2019 in Beijing, China. Why it works: Small doesnt have to mean uninteresting when it comes to your exhibition stand design. Get noticed by organisers and trade press. You could have cylinders of shiny apples, a cocktail bar or coffee station. Know your timings most exhibitions have a cut-off time when the show doors will open, as well as peak times when attendees will arrive and when it will be quiet. Below you will find a list of attractive and attention-grabbing prizes that will be sure to have attendees clamoring on about your exhibit. Interactive features like ball pits, or exhibits that can be explored or walked around, help engage lots of different visitor senses which will make your brand stand out amongst a sea of competitors.

Work with your existing branding and incorporate it into expensive trade show giveaway strategy the core design features of your stand, such as the flooring/carpeting and modular display elements. Alternatively, go for an interactive giveaway like free massages or manicures and design a special area for these to take place, but dont hardwire it into the stand as you might not want to do it every time. But China is the only market that is both strategic and not yet wealthy. If possible, try to set up head-to-head competitions between players to create a more competitive but friendly atmosphere Trade Show Contest Prize Ideas After reading the previous section, you should have an idea of which trade show. There are two groups that you should be giving promotional products.

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Of course, no company is perfect and no CEO is perfect. Youve spent months planning, budgeting and executing the perfect trade show program. Make your trivia questions specific to your particular business or industry, so visitors can learn about your company while having fun. It was the least expensive giveaway my company has ever done and when it came to driving conversation, one of the most effective, simply because it was so simple. Apple was used to competing in the other developed markets, primarily Europe and Japan, and never developed a special product or brand or pricing strategy for China. Even better if you can announce the winner(s) during the tradeshow as a mini presentation. Make sure your business name or logo is on them clearly, and make even more sure that your website is on there. By featuring furniture and decor you can create more of an experience; a physical place to visit and enjoy rather than a giant advertising hoarding. For help planning the rest of your next trade show, download Nimloks Ultimate Trade Show Planning Checklist, which outlines common to-do items in the months leading up to and after an event.

Mixing natural and manmade materials and juxtaposing them in unexpected ways will make your stand more intriguing. Looking for more ways to incorporate social media into your next trade show? Remember, Everyone Wins with Trade Show Contests At the end of the day, trade show contests and games are one of the best ways to make connections on the show floor. Using intricate wooden lattice cladding it feels open and creative, and clearly demonstrates expert craftsmanship. Industry press are often sent to cover new products at the show and may feature you in tradeshow-related coverage. Use marbles, candies or coins with your company logo printed on them as a way to reinforce your brand messaging. Why it works: Clever lighting can turn a run-of-the-mill trade show stand into a stunning one. The sea-themed motif goes as far as the fish-printed lampshades to ensure an impact through attention to detail. So I propose that starting now, we put a stop to the endless cycle of branded knickknacks and start thinking about how we can do better. The information learned will likely stick with them long after the trade show is over and, as a bonus, spectators will also learn about your company while watching contestants compete. Its easier to engage a visitor whos standing still than one whos walking past. In this post, we outline some of the best practices to planning and operating in-booth games and activities, as well as share ideas for contests that will leave your visitors wowed.

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The best promotional products are going to be ones that people use every day. By having elements which can be added or taken away you can modify the design to suit different sized stands and different stand layouts. This will allow you to have five or ten minutes per visitor where you can chat through any questions. Advertising ideas for standing out during a tradeshow. Why it works: Building an exhibition stand is expensive, so youll want it to be adaptable for future use. They pass them out to attendees whose branded totes are full of repetitive junk that, at best, will gather cobwebs in a desk drawer and, at worst, will end up in the trash. Sometimes you cant even fit your logo on them. Check with show organizers to see if there are pre-event opportunities to advertise your activities in the show book or event newsletter. Having a mystery box giveaway with multiple prize options is a great way to stoke the imagination of contestants and generate buzz around your contest or game.

Why it works: Bold colours can really help your booth stand out, but choose a maximum of three so your design doesnt become too busy. Ideally, keeping those lines of communication open all year round (you can start by using our 52 week event communication plan ). An indoor-outdoor exhibition stand design This garden-themed exhibition stand design by Eventologists creates a woodland feel and makes for an interesting photo-opportunity for passersby. Jumbo Games If you are looking for in-booth activities that will have a supersized impact on the show floor, jumbo games should be at the top of the list. The logo should be about 80 transparent, and the text about. Top tip: check out these visitor trade show tips to ensure youre engaging your event visitors the entire way through. She and Gord were true pioneers as well, and I was amazed at both her. If you plan on having in-booth activities, you will need more staff to help run them. Tips for Prizes and Giveaways: Cash is the king of all prizes, so if you want an easy and universally beloved reward think about handing out a cash prize.

Build communication from then onwards to keep everyone up to date and stay in the forefront of their minds. The freestanding pillars provide samples while still allowing visitors to move around them, which a fixed cupboard or storage space wouldnt allow. Video displays if you expensive trade show giveaway strategy have minimal space on your stand, use a TV monitor on wheels to give you more room to tell your story. In this case, you need to target only selective trade-shows. Everything is in order, and youre ready to rock your event. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with. We can treat China the way we treat wealthy markets. Below, are some of the most popular, engaging and fun contest and game ideas for your next event. If someone was to give you a pen and they wanted you to remember them for it, would a plain white bic pen do the trick, or maybe a super smooth gel pen that helps prevent fraud. A flood of people trickle into the hall but no one is stopping at your booth! Tips for Jumbo Games: Before you pack and head to your event, make sure each and every piece you need for your game is accounted for. Related: Be sure to check out our Trade Show Budgeting Worksheet to streamline your planning process: Ideas for Trade Show Contests and Games Now that you understand the basics of planning trade show contests and games, it is time.

Apple's Message To China: It's Not Me, It's You

Often at a tradeshow, any hired furniture will arrive plain, so you may want to add a few other elements to jazz up the space. Or Germany, for example. Why it works: This interactive design gives visitors a reason to spend longer on the stand, increasing dwell time, and making sure everyone remembers your business. Include questions about your brand, industry and convention to educate contestants on your product, service or capabilities. Cochrane, AB, change City, new Today, browse all. Independent financial advice you can rely on or The finest artisan chocolate. When you set up your prize wheel, make sure you include one grand prize, such as a cash reward, gift card to a local top-rated restaurant or highly coveted digital device. Well also share 15 exhibition stand design ideas and why they might work for your audience. Indeed, in many markets in which Apple operates, it has no direct competition. China has a strong tech culture, a strong youth culture, a strong consumer culture, and a strong novelty culture. Save space for information collection while you may decide to add a plant or decorative feature to your table remember that the aim of the game is to collect visitor information. No need to spend 1,200 on an iPhone when you can spend 800 on a Huawei or a Pixel 3, And you can spend the money that was saved on a new pair of Nikes and still have money left over. You can draw and cut out the different elements of your design in order to play around and find configurations that work for various stand layouts.

Try to find a position where you can comfortably be open to greet any guests that walk by and practice one or two openers that will help you to engage them. So designing an exhibition stand in which visitors can actually feel those products, as they might in a real-life environment, is much more effective than showing a video or providing a brochure. 4.) Quality targeting is more important than quantity! If you host a golfing activity in-booth, you will be amazed at just how fast your exhibit will become the place to be on the show floor. Also, just use some common sense. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun attends the launch of the new Xiaomi smartphone at National Convention Center on July 22, 2014 in Beijing. Sure enough, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun started doing new product launches with the stage all to himself and attired in a black turtleneck. Have prizes for both correct and incorrect answers so everyone is a winner. Here, we uncover 15 amazing exhibition stand design ideas from real examples and look at why they worked so well. Big Creativity Over Big Budget, anyone can order cheap junk with a logo on it; thats not interesting. Look to retail stands within a store, such as beauty or technology brands for inspiration on how to sell big ideas from a smaller stand space. People need them, use them daily, and they are relatively cheap.

Frankly, this post is jam-packed with trade show tips for exhibitors and trade show booth design tips to make your exhibition investment deliver results. Make prior appointments with visitors or hosted buyers. Create games and contests that revolve around contestants inspecting, using or answering questions about your product or service. The trouble with this strategy is that it fails to account for the bulk of the consumer market, the aspirational middle-class that would love to own an iPhone, but can't afford to buy one. Not Nokia nor Blackberry. To avoid potential unqualified leads, make sure your signage and game make what your business does clear and devise a prize that would be most helpful to attendees who fit your buyer persona. 2.) Dont skimp out! However, without proper pre-show promotion of your activities, your efforts may fall flat, resulting in fewer visitors to your space. Why it works: Its a good idea to incorporate at least one digital screen in your exhibition stand design because what you display on them can be so easily changed.

expensive trade show giveaway strategy