Can forex market crash again ireland

can forex market crash again ireland

A move like this should send shock waves throughout the entire global market, no? Ive stated my case. . And attention ethereum thieves: Youre being sloppy. . The other group, very seldom got caught. This is a special report on the Flash Crash of January 3rd, 2019. . I know, I know, there might not be enough of whatever youre buying out there to fat finger something to the long side, but there often. . Just like everywhere else, instant-gratification monkeys getting slaughtered, and patient, surgical tactitians walking home with the loot. This is Vegas mind you, very top-end waiter jobs are plentiful here. I was watching cnbc (it was 2010, I was dumb) when one of them occurred, and as it was hitting the bottom, somebody alerted Jim Cramer to it, and he immediately knew what. Periods of low liquidity happen every single day in the Forex market. But not before a bunch of peoples accounts were blown out due to slippage. . Where are your reasons now, financial media?

Market Crash 2017

I scoured the interwebs for reasons, and it all kept coming back to this. No proof of anything here, no hard opinion, just food for thought. Apple Made A Report! Even if you said no, you know damn well there are plenty of people out there who would. Its almost a 9:1 ratio, which you almost never see on the SSI Indicator in Forex. One group of people always got caught. . Hang Seng and Shanghai Composites were not greatly affected either, for the sake of space, you can research this yourself if you like. . It was blamed on a big sell order, that tripped a bunch of algorithms (blaming it on machines again as to why it fell. Reason number three, like the Dual-Line Scam in my Patience video, is one that fascinates. On June 22, 2017, ETH went from slightly over 300 in value, all the way to close to 9 cents! An article here from the Financial Times breaks it down.

Certainly not like this. But I saw, at every single place I worked, people who would take money that wasnt theirs constantly. ForexLive had a nice piece on it here. . But Wikipedia defines a Flash Crash as a very rapid, deep, and volatile fall in security prices within an extremely short time period. Both sources stated low liquidity levels for playing a part. Donald Trump will preside over the biggest global market crash in the history of financial markets. The media is right there to explain it away Theyre too big to punish. . Calvin got a job! We have a stock market bubble, excessive valuations, investors are complacent, everyone runs for the exits simultaneously, there are abundant catalysts out there in the world, the crash occurs over next 12 months. This presented a rare and great opportunity for the Banks to cash. And then right back up again. . This was a pure currency manipulation move.

Will the Stock Market Crash in 2019?

Conclusion Im a Capitalist, through and through. Was there a junta, and the president got shot? During these times, freak news events have come out of nowhere. A 1 move in a pair in a short amount of time, is quite newsworthy. . 3) You can get away with major greedy shit, as long as you space it out enough. The dumbasses who would steal on the regular would always get caught, because as slick as they thought they were, abnormalities would pop up in accounting, and now they were on watch. . The same goes for flash crashes. . And this is just one of the excuses they gave. More on this in a bit. But again, no real explanation as to why it went right back.

Forget trying to get to Mars, learn how to balance your checkbook, and not try crazy zirp experiments for a starter. The Wikipidia page on Flash Crashes again does a good job of showing you how this has been done recently. But it doesnt upset me, because we here at No Nonsense Forex have found a way to turn this into our advantage over time. But I shake my head when it gets abused like this. The people who had the patience to steal every once in awhile, spacing it out every month or two, never tripped the sensors, and never got caught. You got to space it out, over years, across multiple markets. The combination of the two cannot be refuted! Well at least they fixed the problem, and it wont happen again, right?

This is just a rant, and a bit of education from your favorite contrarian. We spoke last week about sentiment, and in the blog for it, I made a reference to how the AUD/JPY had 89 of its traders going long, trying to catch a bounce. I know, youre brand new at this, but You cant do that shit on one currency once a year. . No, it happened last month again! Not for moral reasons though, I would have loved to have stolen from some of these awful places, but because the risk/reward wasnt there. You still feel the need to do this? So Apple comes out and states their 4Q numbers are going to be down a bit due to an apparent slowdown in the Chinese economy. People and investors are so complacently clueless right now it just amazes me, there is no hope for humanity right now at this rate of stupidity. Apple blamed Q4 losses on a slowing Chinese economy, which everyone already knew about. What would cause such a move?

Flash Crash 2019 You Got Played

Asset prices have so much and so far to fall just to get back to the pre-financial crisis highs of 2007, which were also a bubble it should be mentioned, and crashed subsequently in half from those levels. You can debate whether the low liquidity at the time really does add to the severity of the fall, or if having more volume (more people trading) would be more necessary for a sharper decline, but well set this aside. He did blame it on machines (LOL but he knew what was occurring. Its funny because nobody else knew what was really going. Oh, and make sure it happens can forex market crash again ireland during low liquidity time so we have another built-in excuse. .

Seven percent, even in a week, is insanely rare for a major pair to rise or fall. . They are very unique unto themselves, and Im amazed nobody else has a different take on them like. The fundamental correlation most people follow is that AUD is the pro-China play, and the JPY is the anti-China play. Not even a few extra hundreds. Its exactly what they are by definition, dont get me wrong, but Those giant candles were caused by actual events, not market fuckery A Flash Crash to me is when it immediately goes right back. It would be best if you just came out and admitted. Again, the how to trade afterwards part will be covered on the 1/7/19 podcast, not here. Agree or disagree on why this actually happens, I dont care. . But for now, we need to understand how and why these things happen. So to avoid an impending foreign shitstorm, the Banks took what they needed, and put everything right back as they found.

Youre gonna raise suspicion. And this was consistent across the board. And not before a bunch of stop losses got taken out, and a bunch of long limit orders were triggered, and those long traders panicked and exited. Never rule out self-interest, because its the #1 driver of just about every decision ever made. The major players all win, the spot traders lose. Before we get to the biggest reason youre being played right now, lets just point one additional thing out here.

I am one man, giving an opinion, nothing more). It is never anything else. Low Liquidity Levels, okay, understand this please. Did China decide to move back to full-blown communism? If youve ever had a 1 move either way in a pair you were trading, you sure as shit felt. But if they were such legitimate reasons, why did price spring right back up? Heres the S P during that same time: Business as usual. The AUD/JPY fell 7(!) in a matter of minutes. So What Just Happened? And then you have that shit on file forever that you stole from your work. Go to 3:03 in the video. The excuses the media gives are laughable and easily debunked. .

How will a stock market crash affect currencies?

The Hang Seng chart (Hong Kong) is no different. And all of the excuses given for this move downward never answered the one big remaining question The Smoking Gun And the big remaining question. Anatomy Of A Scam, Part xxvi There are three main reasons IMO why can forex market crash again ireland the Banks and major institutions get away with this. Stringer Bell couldnt answer DAngelo, and the media has no answer for why price immediately rebounded. 89 is an insane number. . Why did the AUD/JPY go right back up? And the number of traders doing this just kept on rising. Just like a great thief would. But these events would typically affect a currency pair as much as 1, mayyyybe as high as 2, but rarely ever more than that. Its because I do not define those things as a Flash Crash. In the restaurant world, where I come from, there are dozens of ways to manipulate the system, through the computer, or promotions, or whatnot, for the purpose of stealing money from your place of employment. Did you guys hear that? Thats way too often. .

Low liquidity had very little to do with this. Its the most popular video I have, and the video most of my traders see first. . But youd likely believe it if somebody told you. Its not in your best interest to. You cannot be dumb enough to fall for this. Just ask the hundreds of traders who have turned their results around in the very short amount of time weve been around. So Ill do my best to explain. Just due to where asset prices are set up thanks to six major central banks zirp insanity since 2008. More dramatic than the S P, but not by much. Any fines they get for fuckery result in parking ticket-level money. And the computers would show proof over time of theft.

Did can forex market crash again ireland an atomic bomb hit Beijing? Least surprising thing ever. (Not a direct") Now do you think Japan is going to be super cool with their currency getting 7 percent more expensive against one of their biggest trading partners overnight? 2019 AUD and JPY 2017 Ethereum (more on this in a minute) 20ingapore Exchange And I can recall a few times of this happening in the US Stock market. Lets break all of this nonsense down. Ethereum And The Power of Self-Interest Real quick, I wanted to mention one of, if not the most flagrant examples of a flash crash. This would be an understatement. You cant just up and do that shit all the time. .