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I was going over the structure of the French Paris article, liking the "Culture and Patrimony" angle while thinking about this article, and came up with this: Local Culture and Patrimony Intellectual importance - brief description of when and why Paris. People can draw their own conclusions by looking at the main countries/territories of origin of the migrants in the Paris Region. Okay, so the references in question were added to old content. If you re-read everything since early July (it's in archives #10 you'll realize that: 1- this article was almost entirely rewritten by a singe editor, User:Dr. Should we have say that Paris is a headquarter of 34 Fortune 500 company, or that it is the headerquarter of most major French companies. In French it is handled by the still stubbish fr:Agglomération parisienne, not fr:Paris. Or was the 'Haussmann' phrase I corrected from a much earlier version of the article? 6 Proposed As of 2010, the population of Paris proper stood around.3 millions 1, while that of Paris unité urbaine, roughly corresponding to the city and the surrounding built-up area was about.5 millions.

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Superzoulou ( talk ) 08:20, (UTC) You can't compare Paris and its suburbs with Shenzhen/Hong Kong or Singapore/Malasia relation, that's a really a lack of understanding about Paris. Superzoulou ( talk ) 10:55, (UTC) Yes, rather than old stone walls, there is comparateur spread forex a (royalty-free) photo of a painting out there somewhere that is pretty representative of how the wall once looked as a whole. Yes, though ethnicity is a bit different as county of birth.- Superzoulou ( talk ) 20:03, (UTC) Yes, but that's the best we can offer. But it currently includes info about Paris as the administrative center of France, and headquarter of international organizations, which seems an unrelated topic. The most sparsely populated quarters are the western and central office and administration-focused arrondissements. Again, with references like this, the article seems to be referenced, when in fact, it is not. This is getting beyond ridiculous now. I've been reading between the English and French versions of the Paris article, and quite like the French article's angle on describing Paris in painting, cinema, etc - this allows, in addition to the present 'list-style' of museums and. Sometimes, it may be necessary to use a different area as a proxy, but most of the time I think we should be able to find the data we need.

Discussions on that forum are refined and elegant. The city limits have a real political meaning, with important consequences for taxes and building legislation. The metropolitan comparateur spread forex area sounds a more relevant scale for social science research, but it is not as well studied as the city proper (or the whole le-de-France region, but the region has a separate article). It's the longest length still standing today. That's not so bad, as long as Paris has its own seperate section at the top of the table, like the demography table - if it's still there - as if there is a difference between Paris and its suburban population. Reso lute 23:26, (UTC) I reverted this single edit, after you had reverted Blofeld's removal.

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Using administrative boundaries has downsides, but at least it forces us to make a relatively consistent and rigorous analysis. SchroCat ( talk ). The vast majority of the people working in Singapore live in Singapore, the development of Shenzhen is maybe a little due to the proximity Hong Kong but today Shenzhen works pretty much independantly of Hong Kong. There is a big difference between 60 and 16 isn't it? Blofeld 18:35, (UTC) Actually, I had seen the history of the article and the discussion before I posted the message above, but since it had been archived I thought it was better to start a new one. Sesto92 ( talk ) 23:14, (UTC) It's a dream if one pretends that a Grand Paris called simply 'Paris' is here already. The average density for the whole urban unit is below 4,000 /km2. Blofeld 19:34, (UTC) Uh-oh.

Thepromenader 07:01, (UTC) @ThePromenader: regarding your map, you can find the updated list of communes for the 2010 unité urbaine here and the for the aire urbaine here. In fact, Paris always kept growing (except during WW2 but people were moving to the suburbs, and now there is a tendency to go back to the inner city, as is happening in many other Western cities (NYC, London, Tokyo, many German cities, etc. Der Statistiker ( talk ) 17:00, (UTC) Since an admin has asked me to clarify my comment, I want to clarify that it wasn't a legal threat but that I merely pointed out that the deliberate choice of the word "revisionist". Grow up and realise that other people are allowed to hold opinions contrary to your won: it does not mean that we are "wrong" and you are "right" or that the world is ganging up on you. Der Statistiker ( talk ) 18:44, (UTC) I do not know, I do not know what "engine of the global economy means" (or rather, I could make up definitions that would make the claim more or less true, and other that would not). Très prisée par les cambistes, l a Metatrader 4 est aussi disponible sur ETX Capital. So it's going to remain as it is, although it's a little weird to see 4 articles or sections of articles which deal approximately with the same subject. I do not agree with any comments that personally insult people. And, indeed, his city-planner rose to the challenge.". During the Second Empire (1851-70 Napoleon Bonapartes nephew, Louis Napoleon Bonaparte lll (1808-73 hired Baron Haussmann to metamorphose the shattered, war-torn city from a bleak, crowded metropolis where living conditions were dreadful into the most elegant, imperial city on earth. That's the wall of Charles. Read more, eOS était toutefois encore loin de son record face au Bitcoin, enregistré au début du mois de juillet 2017, quelques heures après son introduction sur les marchés : La monnaie numérique état.

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If we are to keep things short, I do not think that 19th century immigration should be the priority. True that the book in question looked more like a bed-and-breakfast guide. In total, net migration flows are strongly negative, but it is heavily age dependent. However, this article is about Paris and not the Paris environs. Recent immigrants tend to be more diverse in terms of qualification: more of them have comparateur spread forex no qualification at all and more or them have tertiary education. It's one of the so-called "territoires de projet" that they have defined if I remember correctly. Yes Paris administrative boundaries are arguably irrational, and yes, they may become less and less important, but they still matter. Der Statistiker ( talk ) 13:01, (UTC).

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In the case of Paris, this changes everything. As I have already saidand I stand by it"Yes, the relationships should certainly be highlighted so I am glad we are in agreement on that point. Thepromenader 11:05, (UTC) Toponym seems more suitable, agreed. And how comparateur spread forex can you discuss with people who won't even recognize what they have done, as per SchroCat above? Brussels deals essentially with the Brussels Region, and then there is a special City of Brussels article for the city proper. Avec seulement.4 pour lor.5 Pips pour la paire EUR/USD, il sagit pratiquement des écarts les plus serrés sur le marché boursier.

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Les traders y bénéficient également doutils danalyse graphique à la fois facile et fiable. Des cours sur le trading, mais les outils de trading ne se domptant pas tout comparateur spread forex seul, ETX Capital invite les traders à suivre ses formations gratuites. Chez fxcm par exemple, le spread sur EUR/USD passe régulièrement sous les 1 pips. Superzoulou ( talk ) 14:41, (UTC) Demographics As I think the demographic section should be improved, I have started a new version. People who do not know anything about Paris arrives here. En plus de la notoriété de sa fondatrice, ETX Capital jouit de la reconnaissance des contrôleurs boursiers. I forced other people not even aware of this article from a 'skyscraper' forum I wasn't even aware of to come vote here? Linterface est fluide et intuitive, très simple à utiliser mme pour les traders débutants. MT4 platform remains to be the leading Forex platform MT4 is far not the only Forex platform available testeur de forex chomikuj today. Thepromenader 07:59, (UTC yes, there are. Most of the text in etymology and history is unchanged but sources were added. So we are left with "christianity has been important in the city history which should rather go to the history section, and "there are many bautiful churches" in Paris, which is more about tourism/landmarks.

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Things like that wouldn't happen if the migrants from Overseas France were regarded strictly the same as migrants from, say, Provence or Brittany. This is the same problem that I have highlighted in my comment about the. Cette société londonienne, membre du London Stock Exchange, est en effet reconnue pour tre un acteur boursier fiable. Si ce domaine vous intéresse réellement, je ne peux que vous conseiller de lire ce livre que jai trouvé très utile et formateur pour quiconque souhaitant investir rationnellement. For the thousandth time, drop the schtick.

Der Statistiker ( talk ) 12:44, (UTC) There's no denying the economic importance and contributions of Paris' suburbs (and this article already speaks of them but if you're living even 10 metres outside the Periphérique in Montreuil, you're living in Montreuil. The French version of the article adopted that map and translated it, but in doing so changed the colours. Ville Lumi?re appelation "Paris became known as Ville Lumi?re in the second half of the 19th century, when Baron Haussmann, who had been put in charge by Emperor Napoleon III of the drastic transformation of Paris into a modern. One third is for recent immigrants, apparently meanining something like p?reg_id20 ref_id16769. But actually, I am not sure it is very important. Thepromenader 15:28, (UTC) That one looks very nice. I'm sure you know all that already, but perhaps a word of explanation would be useful to other contributors. As per WP:notaforum, I'm not quite sure what the aim of this discussion. Protestants and the Oratory of the Louvre (a word about St Barthélemy perhaps? I am the one who created the article Landmarks in the City of Paris in order to move the content added by Dr Blofeld from Paris to Landmarks in the City of Paris, but I was reverted by SchroCat (note. Yes, in the case of Paris, the city proper is particularly small, but I do not see how that makes any difference.

You only have to look at the recent incidents in Trappes, a suburb of Paris, which were triggered by two Muslim converts from. In France outside of Paris area, anybody who live in Ile de France is seen as a Parisian. Superzoulou ( talk ) 11:12, (UTC) There is a difference between the French and English languages audience, people who read French know that Paris is bigger than Paris, they have access to the French speaking Medias and etc. Superzoulou ( talk ) 20:03, (UTC) I think so too. But then Erik Satie, Jean comparateur spread forex Cocteau and 'Les Six' comes to mind.

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I have replaced it with the percentages of people born outside of Metropolitan France, which is a stable stat. It's also interesting to know that some of those French Caribbeans are so little integrated in Greater Paris that they convert to Islam and trigger riots just as if they were immigrants. Bravo for finding that ; ) thepromenader 06:37, (UTC) Yes, that looks good, but can you add references after punctuation and fill out the urls with Template:Cite web? The Bangui article has absolutely nothing to do with this article iand it is completely irrelevant to attack my work on other articles here. Exact figures not only give an air of seriousness to the reader, but their great usefulness is that they allow a search on Google, whereas an approximate figure is of no use on Google (don't forget that web. The principal factors in the process are a significant decline in household size, and a dramatic migration of residents to the suburbs between 19Reasons for the migration include deindustrialisation, high rent, the gentrification of many inner quarters, the transformation. I've seen some expandable tables where nothing shows up before the reader clicks on "expand". The entity created will be officially called "Métropole du Grand Paris" in French. Minato ku ( talk ) 17:55, (UTC) @ Seudo: you arrive late in the discussion. 3 hours of work reverted by you in 9 minutes, with only this single explanation: "Not really an improvement" (!). Thepromenader 17:46, (UTC) It is very difficult to separate a city of its urban area (except in multipolar metropolitan areas like Rhine-Ruhr what Paris is not many facts about Paris solely exist because Paris is the center of a much larger urban area. PS: personally I tend to prefer your color scheme rather than the one used in the French version.

Thepromenader 21:54, (UTC) In the English Wikipedia, hovering over a note provides with the text of the note, but apperently it does not yet work on talk pages. Thepromenader 19:47, (UTC) this is the way it is done for other cities (say New York City ). Der Statistiker ( talk ) 18:25, (UTC) When you're ten metres inside Montreuil, you're in Montreuil. Superzoulou ( talk ) 06:14, (UTC) Repeated and seconded racist propos aside: since this is a Paris article, comparateur spread forex if there really is a difference between Paris and its suburbs, isn't that worthy of mention? Your document is a bit old though (2006).

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Superzoulou ( talk ) 20:03, (UTC) Ah, I see, you forgot to sign! Ces dernières sont données par des experts boursiers et permettent de découvrir plusieurs astuces intéressantes. The English version of Wikipedia should not be a copy of the french version. Thepromenader 17:58, (UTC) People who think that La Défense has all its place in the first picture of this article are not more "revisionists" than people who try to impose a view of Paris only made of monuments and the usual tourists stereotypes. Population exchanges between the Paris region and the rest of France are relatively intense.

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Superzoulou ( talk ) 20:03, (UTC) That's why whenever I have edited this article (and other articles I have always indicated the exact date for each figure (for example "Jan. By describing Paris in each art we can describe both the artist, his work and where comparateur spread forex he hung out (the American Hemingway, A Moveable Feast, Closerie de Lilas the Deux Magots, etc) and treat artists actually from Paris. Needs a copyedit and reword in parts and I'd prefer to give exact figures on population census rather than approx, but I like your idea for it Superzoulou. Der Statistiker ( talk ) 22:24, (UTC) Video showing the mother of Cassandra, from Martinique, and convert to Islam like her daughter, who is not legally-speaking an immigrant in Paris: 17 Der Statistiker ( talk ) 22:35, (UTC). While there is some connection between Singapore/Malasia and Shenzhen/Hong Kong, these cities are seperated by national border and are still working independantly. Superzoulou ( talk ) 20:49, (UTC) Well according to France TV, the veiled wife (whose veil triggered the whole thing named Cassandra, is from Martinique. It was part of your edit warring while trying to force your personal choice on the article you consider that you own. The passage on Haussmann relooking the city simply used the la Ville-Lumière sobriquet as a replacement for "Paris"! Official insee figures for 2010: population municipale : 2,243,833, population totale : 2,268,265, see insee. After Blofedl removed it you should have come to the talk page (it's what WP:BRD strongly advises users to do but instead you went into edit war mode right up to the limit of 3RR. I thought his comment was a bit paranoid, but now I'm starting to wonder whether Minato Ku wasn't spot-on after all.